Illinois: Urge Your State Rep to Oppose Social Media Check Bill & Other Anti-Gun Bills

In addition to the egregious comprehensive firearm ban introduced in the Illinois state Senate, anti-gun bills have been introduced in the state House of Representatives as well. These bills have not yet been assigned to committees that will consider them.  Please contact your state Representative and urge them to OPPOSE House Bills 888, 899, 892, and 174.

HB 888 would require Firearm Owner’s Identification Card (FOID) applicants to provide a list of their social media accounts to the Department of State Police (DPS) and for DPS to conduct a search of the accounts.  

HB 899 would punish victims of crimes instead of criminals.  It would also disarm those who have the misfortune of being targeted by criminals multiple times and leave them defenseless against those same criminals.

HB 892 would go above and beyond the existing federal law that already bans undetectable firearms and would instead ban many commonly owned firearms with some components made with modern materials that are not actually undetectable.

HB 174 would create a one-size-fits all requirement of how and when lost or stolen firearms must be reported, further victimizing gun owners who suffer a loss or theft of their property.