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Award-Winning Digital Advocacy Technology for the 21st Century

Grassroots Advocacy Software

One Click Advocacy is our flagship advocacy software platform, which includes innovative communications tools such as photo and video messaging, integrated text messaging to advocates, direct social media posts to legislators profiles, rotating email messages, auto-population of advocate data into our webforms, and much more!

Key Features
  • Legislator Biographies

  • Congressional Staff Directory

  • Advocate Profiles, Segmentation, and Data Mapping

  • Robust Analytics on Advocates and Elected Officials

  • Photo and Video Messages Capabilities

  • Integrated Email and Texting to Advocates

  • Multi-Action Tool for Simultaneous Submission of Email, Twitter, and Faxes

Communication Tools







Patch-Through Calls

Campaign Analytics

Breakthrough campaign analytics and tracking tools allow you to benchmark and measure your advocacy campaigns. Our innovative dashboard puts you in the driver seat. Build reports and check campaign metrics faster than ever!

Campaign Analytics

Legislative Databases

You need to get your message delivered to the right audience at the right time. One Click Advocacy has advanced features that help you deliver your message to individuals or many stakeholders in the policy arena. Our database targeting allows you to contact lawmakers at all levels of government as well as media and corporate leaders.

  • Legislator Biographies
    Local - Mayors and City Council Members.
    State - Governors, State Senators, and State House Reps.
    Federal - United States Senate and House Members.
    (State/Provincial and Federal Databases available for Canada and Australia)

  • Congressional Staff Directory
    Chiefs of Staff, Communications Directors, Press Secretaries, Legislative Directors, State/District Directors, Legislative Assistants, Legislative Correspondents, etc.

  • Custom Recipients
    Target custom recipients by email, phone and Twitter.

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