Vote No on SB 888 - Tell Your Senator, Nurses should control Nursing education.


ANA-Illinois opposes any piece of legislation that attempts to change nursing education or practice when not LED by NURSING!

SB 888 is not workable, there are too many unanswered questions. Here are the reasons:

  1. This bill will do NOTHING to address the workforce shortage in the state. This program will only admit licensed nurses so NO new nurses will enter the pipeline. 
  2. This program will compete for faculty and clinical sites. If the need is MORE nurses, then resources are better spent opening more seats in the community colleges associate degree program not creating a program that does not address the shortage. We have a faculty shortage in the state of Illinois.  We need to address the real issues surrounding why "pre-licensure" programs are turning away students.
  3. The bill has the potential to cause issues for graduates who will seek a graduate degree...NURSING has not been involved in the development of this legislation nor have we been invited to discuss our concerns with the bill sponsor.

We urge legislators to focus on increasing capacity for RN education, not duplication of existing programs

Solutions include:

  • Provide state funding to programs of nursing to increase the number of graduates by expanding health program capacity
  • Provide state funding to programs of nursing to increase their ability to recruit and retain nursing faculty which is vital if we are going to increase capacity
  • Nursing education programs partnering to find innovative solutions to increase capacity, utilize faculty, and provide a seamless transition for those wishing to pursue higher education while keeping practicing nurses in the workforce.

Ask your Senator to VOTE NO on SB 888.


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