Vote "No" on SB 3116


Nursing is very opposed to this bill.  In fact, if it is passed as written it will be a step backwards for Illinois APRNs. 

For many, many years nursing has been working to eliminate the written collaborative agreement mandate to put Illinois’ APRNs on equal ‘footing’ with many other states and provide increased access to healthcare. 

Finally, in 2017 after hours of negotiations, principally with ISMS, the General Assembly passed and Gov. Rauner signed HB 313, establishing a ‘pathway’ to full authority to practice.  There are several benchmarks that must be reached, including practicing with a physician, licensed to practice medicine and all of its branches, for 4000 hours.  At the culmination of the 4000 hours the MD must sign an attestation form acknowledging the hours completed.  NOTE: MD, not podiatrists. 

After the bill passed and was signed, we were approached by IPMA regarding their concerns about APRNs not being able to sign written collaborative agreements going forward.  We listened, met and agreed to an amendment granting those APRNs currently in practice with a podiatrist to continue to do so.  SB 1322 was passed in veto session last fall and signed by the Governor. 

Now to SB 3116: If passed this bill would allow those APRNs who may desire to practice with a podiatrist immediately after graduation to sign a written collaborative agreement.  If done, this would mean that APRN has no opportunity to strive and reach for full authority to practice.  Or, in other words, a podiatrist would have the authority to delegate an APRN scope of practice in perpetuity.  In reality, after the 4000 hours, approximately 2 years, an APRN with full authority to practice may choose to practice with a podiatrist on an ‘even playing field’, each practicing to the fullest level of their education and expertise rather than one telling the other what she/he may or may not do. 

Nursing stands in firm opposition to this.  At no time during last spring’s negotiation did IPMA approach either ISAPN or ISMS about any concerns. We both cooperated with them last fall in order to not disenfranchise current agreements of either profession.  There is simply no negotiation on this language from nursing’s’ perspective. 



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