Targeted Email Actions
On Your Website

Forget the postage and complicated Congress contact forms.
Our targeted email actions put your message directly in the inbox of representatives with one easy click.

Lobby Congress, State Legislatures and Leaders

Influence policy at all levels. Easily target all of Congress, State Legislatures, entire Committees, specific representatives, or add your own custom recipients like school boards and CEOs!

We deliver your supporters' messages with one simple click, taking away the complexity of navigating legislators' web forms or trying to hunt down their email addresses. One Click Politics gives you control over your communication with supporters and the content of every action, while we handle all of the form submissions automatically.

When your supporters enter their information into your action form, we automatically calculate which districts your supporters are in and who represents those districts. Or, if you want all of your supporters to be able to email a legislator no matter their location, we can handle that too. We even allow you to enter Petition Mode to turn off delivery and just collect the signatures you need.

Three-tier Delivery

One Click Politics ensures 100% deliverability at all times. To achieve this we use a three-tiered approach: Web forms, email, and if both fail, we back it up with fax.

Our first target for delivery is the official web form of the official you are attempting to contact, as this is almost always preferred. If that is unavailable or delivery is not successful, we deliver your supporters' messages directly to the official email address of your recipient.

If your targeted official's web form and email address fails to receive your supporters' messages for any reason, we automatically deliver them via their official fax numbers so you never have to worry about your message not reaching its destination.

Customize Your Actions

From custom fields to making your web forms match your brand, when it comes to customization we've got all your bases covered.

Customize all of the colors on your embeddable widgets, select from over 30 fonts, add up to 4 custom fields, urge your supporters to action and write the email you want delivered. You can even choose whether you want your email to be editable or not!

  • Key Features

    Message Rotator
    • Auto-Randomizing
    • 6 Unique Subject Lines
    • 6 Unique Pre-Recorded Advocacy Messages
    • 86% Greater Chance of Not Being Flagged as a Form Email
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  • Key Features

    Text Messages & Mobile Keywords
    • Advocates who text you receive links to automated action alerts, surveys, or fundraising appeals.
    • Our advocacy tools are mobile responsive so advocates can take action directly from their iPhone, Android or tablet.
    • Text the word "Advocate" to 313131 to receive a sample link for a mobile action alert.
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  • Key Features

    Multi-Action Tool
    • "One Click" Actions
      Allows for the simultaneous and instant submission of Email, Fax, Facebook and Twitter messages to elected officials with "One Click" of a button.
    • Direct Social Posting
      Social media messages are posted directly to elected officals' Facebook pages and Twitter walls instantly.
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  • Key Features

    Campaign Activity Analytics
    • Key Metrics
      Monitor web traffic and advocate actions by activity, campaign, date range, legislators contacted, etc.
    • Advocate Scores
      Score advocates based on over a dozen unique engagement metrics and export campaign data into Excel.
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  • Key Features

    Patch Through Calls
    • Our system connects advocates with elected officials with just "One Click".
    • Advocacy calls are tracked by advocate, legislators contacted, and call duration.
    • Record a custom voice greeting with instructions for your advocates.
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  • Key Features

    Consulting Services
    • Digital Strategy
      Comprehensive planning, execution, and implementation of your online advocacy campaigns. Everything from web design, hosting, and copy-writing to advertising and advocate conversion strategy.
    • Advocate Acquisition
      We will help you develop a profile of your ideal advocate; then utilize programmatic advertising and live operator calling to identify and persuade your newly acquired advocates to contact their legislators, make donations, or complete surveys.
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One Click Politics provides advocacy and engagement tools to organizations and companies. Email or call us to inquire about using our services to engage your supporters!


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