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Case Study: Advocating for Foam Recycling

One Click Politics was recently used by a major public relations firm on behalf of a client who wanted their voice heard on a New York City proposal that would have banned certain types of food containers made from foam.

Environmental issues can be incredibly complex, and this user leveraged the One Click Politics platform to communicate their perspective on this issue to the New York City Council. According to the group, the proposed ban focused on only 20 percent of the foam that ends up in landfills – meaning that almost 80 percent of foam containers would continue to be landfilled. Instead, the group argued that the real focus should be on recycling 100% of all foam containers which would have a direct, positive impact on our environment and have the added benefit of being good for jobs in the region.

Using the One Click Politics API to create their own custom form and message, the agency was able to generate over 10,000 messages to the New York City Council in a short 30 day window to advocate for recycling foam containers. Each message was delivered directly from a constituent to his or her council member (using One Click Politics geo-location data) thereby ensuring that government representatives heard the voice of their electorates directly.

The campaign was a success, and New York City today is moving forward a foam recycling program. In addition to the positive environment impact, the program is expected to save hundreds of jobs and bring in millions of dollars in savings.

As this experience shows, One Click Politics is not only making advocacy easy, but also impactful.


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