Agencies & Large Organizations

Unlimited accounts under one umbrella for easy administrative control.

Customize Settings and Appearance Right From Your Dashboard

Agencies: Easily Administer Accounts for Clients

As an agency, chances are you have a lot of clients in need of a powerful advocacy tool. Since clients are always on a budget and profitability is always key, we came up with a solution that will keep both you and your clients happy.

Here's how it works:

  • You, the agency, pay a flat fee for the year.
  • Your agency receives a discount on all subscriptions — yes, all subscriptions — that you create for your clients. This allows you to charge your clients what you want for our services while also saving money.
  • You then have full administrative access of all your clients' accounts from one easy location, and can even create up to 4 users for each account. You can manage the account for your client, or let them and their staff manage their own campaigns.

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Large Organizations: Manage Multiple Offices or Campaign Brands

Large organizations with multiple sub-organizations, chapters or campaign brands have very specific, difficult-to-meet advocacy needs. We've built custom options for you that can help alleviate the headache of running many campaigns on many different topics or in many different areas. Some of our team has been there themselves, and guided us in building the tools that they wished they would have had when they were in your shoes.

Here's how it works:

  • The main organization pays a flat fee for the year.
  • Your organization receives a massive discount on all subscriptions that you create for your offices or campaign brands. Select any subscription level for your accounts, saving your organization money and keeping your campaigns separated as you see fit.
  • Your main organization has full administrative access to all of your offices from one easy dashboard, and can even create up to 4 users for each account. This allows you to add/remove access to your offices during turnover, help manage and track campaigns for any of your staff, and download all of the signature data from your offices.

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  • Feat-write
    Guide supporters to action

    Creating a message is as easy as composing an email. While some sites accept only messages with a certain slant or about current legislation, we believe anyone should be able to write to officials on any topic, from any angle.

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  • Sol-email
    Integrated Email Marketing

    Send targeted email blasts to your supporters, donors and volunteers. Import your own lists, target by which campaigns your supporters have sent, build your own templates, and keep track of all of your email analytics.

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  • Feat-recipients
    Target any elected official

    Influence policy at all levels. Create targeted phone campaigns targeting any leader — from state and federal offices, all of Congress or specific committees, to custom recipients like school boards and CEOs!

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  • Feat-form
    Customize your forms

    From custom fields to making your web forms match your brand, when it comes to customization we've got all your bases covered. Customize all of the colors on your embeddable widgets, select from over 30 fonts, add up to 4 custom fields and more.

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  • Feat-analytics
    Track campaign performance

    Check on message performance, analytics data and more right from your dashboard. Capture your supporters' email, street address, and other information and instantly export everything to a CSV file or sync to your favorite CRM.

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  • Feat-group
    Built for Groups of Any Size

    Our advocacy and engagement tools are built for organizations and companies of any size. Schedule a demo to inquire about using our services to engage your supporters!


One Click Politics provides advocacy and engagement tools to organizations and companies. Email or call us to inquire about using our services to engage your supporters!


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